Change is inevitable
Growth is optional

The Koru is symbolic for new beginning, growth, and regeneration yet preservation of the core. KORU LAW emulates this duality. Our goal is to integrate the Koru symbolism into your business – making your business grow sustainably while remaining true to your company values, vision, and culture. Koru Law is change ready, our lawyers are wired to embrace change and innovation. They work closely together with our clients to crack complex problems.

We are focused on business law and are active in a broad range of industries such as medical devices, pharma, biotech, consumer & retail, telecom, insurances, and financial services.

Koru Law What we Stand for

What we stand for

Our lawyers offer traditional legal services (such as legal advice, representing you in court, etc.) in business law but can also act as your “outside in-house legal counsel”. Indeed, we can intervene as your day-to-day lawyer by taking care of your daily legal work. This means that you will always have direct contact with your own company lawyer, either on site or via direct remote contact. After all, by leveraging virtual offices, online solutions and technology, our lawyers can guarantee direct contact and availability, even remotely.

We take a flexible approach to legal fees and offer innovative price structures designed to meet the individual needs and demands of our clients.

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As a

we are committed to minimizing resources and taking accountability for our actions. To help soften our environmental footprint, we have implemented green and earth-friendly practices to reduce paper consumption. We also realize the importance of pro bono work and are actively involved in various projects.